(hu)man’s best friend, and as of yet, there’s no competition for the title


The bond between dogs & humans is a truly special thing. Not everyone can own a dog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy quality time with a canine companion. Shelters all around the country are always in need of volunteers to help with the dogs. Fostering a dog can be a rewarding and temporary opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the canine-human relationship. Working with dogs can develop social skills in children and can be therapeutic for adults. Dogs bring so much joy to people and it’s so easy to return the favor.  



Vader is a Puggle (we think) who was locked in a crate the first two years of her life. When we rescued her, she had no shots and had never seen a Veterinarian. We found out that her previous owners were planning on leaving her in a car because their new home wasn't dog-friendly. We were lucky enough to get her before the move. She's now happier than ever.

She loves being held like a baby, chewing on bones and swimming in the ponds on our property.



Maggie is a pitbull who was living in a school bus when we found her. She was covered in fleas and had worms. 

Maggie was rescued in 2010 and loves her growing pack. She keeps the pack in order, loves playing ball, playing with her rope, snuggling and swimming.  

She has a lot of nicknames! Ms., Sweet Ms. and Ms. Maggie



Chongo, his brothers and sisters were rescued in 2012. We think he is a pitbull, lab, calahoula herding dog mix. He was emaciated and left outside. 

Chongo loves snacks, running in the woods, chasing sticks and playing with his sister, Daisy. He also loves picking the garbage... we're working on that!


Daisy is one of the sweetest dogs we've ever met. She had been living in a room filled with her own feces. She had never been able to run outside and was extremely underweight and malnourished.

The first day we got her, she ran free for the first time on our 14 acres and we never looked back. She is fast, loves people, chasing her brother Chongo and chewing on bones.


Quigley came from good parents back in 2009 but due to severe allergies, needed a new home. Señor Quigley has many ailments, including diabetes and heart disease (among others).

Quigley loves getting his belly rubbed, cuddling with his pack and sunbathing.


If you know of an animal cruelty situation, please report the abuser. Your local dog warden or veterinarian can assist you finding the proper way to report animal cruelty. The ASPCA is another amazing organization that helps abused and neglected animals all over the United States. To report animal cruelty, visit:

We understand not everyone can go out and rescue animals but you can still help! The ASPCA is always in need of funds to continue their mission. To donate, please CLICK HERE

Together, we can expose and end factory farming abuse. Join Mercy for Animals in helping protect farmed animals by inspiring compassionate food choices and policies.

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we simply believe in and support their mission!